OptInMonster Review & Tutorial

Whether you are new to the IM space or you are a veteran you probably know that building your email list is a HUGE key to your ongoing success. One way to do this is by proactively prompting users to join your email list, and typically with that request you give them some sort of legal "bribe". This is often  referred to as a lead magnet. The opt in service that I have been using for the past year or so and am a big fan of is OptInMonster. Below you will find a comprehensive otpinmonster review as well as tutorial on how we create and configure campaigns the we run on our network of sites. 


Why Do You Need It? 

As I said earlier building your email list can be the difference between profitability and going back to your day job. And sometimes it takes being a little more proactive then just hoping and praying ... sometimes we have to reach out and grab our visitors attention ... 

Now that I have your attention 🙂

We covered traffic types here, and why its important to be able to control your traffic.

The beauty of an email list is you can on drive users to your site, or other offer on command. 

While with organic & even paid traffic you are at the whim of an outside source. if you have ever had a facebook ad account shut down you know what I'm talking about. 

Growing your email list with paid traffic, since you control the destination of the visitor allows you to do this by sending the visitor to a sales funnel where you put them through a squeeze page. 

The visitor has no other choice but to subscribe to your list or to bounce out of your site.

Well with your website / blog traffic this isn't the case.

You have site navigation, recent posts, and a ton of other usefull content (hopefully) where your user can navigate around your site and consume your content. Well thats all well and good but wouldn't it be great if you could get that visitor to join your email subscriber list so every time you write a new article you can send it to them? This is where OptInMonster comes in handy... 

What Does It Do? 

Opt In Monster is a highly customizable software as a service that helps you convert visitors into subscribers. 

They offer a variety of display formats, email provider integrations, analytics, and even split testing. 

Once you have configured your campaign you will need to install a snippet of code into your site, and from there your campaign will run until you turn it on. There are a ton of configuration options for when you display the opt in as well as the ability to have different campaigns running on different portions of your site. 

So lets get to it ... This is how I use Opt In Monster... 

How I Set Up Campaigns

First off you will need to create a new account here.

opt in monster

Once you have set up your account we will need to create our first campaign. 

Now we need to choose a campaign type.

A campaign type represents how the user is going to be displayed the opt in form. Opt In Monster has a ton of different ways you can do this and over the last year or so they have added a bunch more. One thing to note is different campaign types will work better on different devices, and some campaign types won't run on some devices at all. 

For my main subscriber opt in I like to use the full screen opt in campaign type because this works on all devices. 

campaign type

Next we are going to choose the campaign template. 

The campaign template is going to be the design and formatting of the opt in form. There are alot of them so don't get overwhelmed.

This is something that you can change later, and play around with. 

select your template

Worthy of note here is the Canvas option. 

It literally gives you a blank canvas. You can enter in whatever html code you want, and opt in monster will display it for you.

I've found this to be very useful for trying to drive phone calls. I can set a timer in my campaign that after x amount of seconds I want to display the opt in, and instead of showing a form that asks for an email address I serve an image with a call to action and a phone number that I want the visitor to call. 

The one that I have been using most frequently, is the "Entrance" template, its clean and works well on both mobile and desktop.

Once you click the template type you will be prompted to name your campaign. We want to be descriptive in our name, and also be aware that we are going to split test this in the future. 

You could use something like : 

MySite.com | Main List | Welcome | V1

Then on your split test version 

MySite.com | Main List | Welcome | V2 | {Whatever You Are Split Testing} .. eg: different headline, cta, etc

name your campaign

Now we will start configuring our campaign ...

The next thing we want to point out here is the cookie settings. 

By default opt in monster sets the main cookie to 30 days, and the success cookie to 365 days. 

This means that once it tries to get an attempt from a visitor by displaying the opt in form it will set a cookie to expire in 30 days. This ensures that visitors on your site are not bombarded with opt in forms on every page they visit.

You can update this to whatever you want but I typically leave it as is. 

The success cookie is the that is set if the visitor fills out the opt in from. This means that the person has been added to your email list, so we will typically set a longer date period, because we are expecting this visitor to come back frequently since we will be sending them emails to bring them back to our site.  

cookie settings

If you already have campaigns set up for your site then you can choose from a list of websites here. If not you will be able to create a new website by clicking the "add a new  website" button. 

This helps you group your campaigns together if you are running multiple sites. 

new website

In this section there is also the display powered by link. The goal is to give the visitor as few options as possible. Hopefully just 2.

Yes or No

Yes you would like to join our email list

Or No you would not

*we can configure this later to try and push them towards yes.

I always turn this off so the visitor doesn't get shiny object syndrome and end up on optinmonster's site browsing around instead of mine. 

powered by link

As I said earlier you can change your theme here if you aren't a big fan of the one you selected in the previous step. This gives you the ability to live preview the themes, and not just look at an icon for it. 

switch theme option

This allows you to collect the visitors name instead of just the email field. So if you are going to want to use personalization in your auto responder then you will wan to enable this. 

display name field

Next we can customize the email field. You can set what the placeholder text is as well as the color and font. 

email field

Similarly we can add & update a phone number field in the form as well.. 

phone number field

Here we have the submit field which is the button that will post the form. You can change the color, text, border and font. 

submit button field

This is what I was talking about earlier about configuring the "No" portion of the question you are asking your visitor. 

Here we want to put something that the visitor wouldn't agree with. 

Eg: No I don't want to make more money, Learn More, etc

If we can make the no answer more difficult to say yes to than entering their email address, we can increase our conversion rate. 

close link field

Next we have a privacy statement that we can toggle on or off. If this is cold traffic, and someone who isn't familiar with you or your site its probably a good idea to set them at ease that you aren't just getting their email to sell it off. 

privacy statement

Another cool feature here is the "Yes / No" section of the configuration. This gives you the ability to overlay yes and no buttons to your opt in form. 

The reason this is powerfull is because studies show that a user is more likely to finish an action once they have clicked, and already given a "micro comittment". 

This allows you to get the user to say yes before they have to enter in any information. 

Once they click yes then they are presented with the input fields which will allow them to join your list. 

This helps get the ball rolling... 

yes not enabled

Next we have our success tab. 

This is where we can configure what we want to happen, and what we want the user to see after they have filled out our opt in form. 

theme switcher

There are a few different options here. 

The first is just to display a success message, which you can also configure. 

There are also options for redirecting them to a new page ... maybe an offer 😉

You can close the campaign, and reload the page, or just close the campaign. 

I typically go with the first option, and display a success message, and I may give them another button to click through to an offer, or download link if I have promised them a lead magnet I want to let them download without having to go to their email. 


Next we are going to have the Display Rules. 

This is a powerful tool, but can also be confusing as it is similar to network routing tables that perform in a top down fashion. So if the first rule that you have set matches the defined criteria, then it will never make it to the subsequent rules. 

The default ruleset is going to fire an opt in form on any page that the tracking script is installed on after 5 seconds. 

display rules

There are a ton of different rules you can create out of this, and I recommend you play around with these to get the desired effect. 

I will give you how I typically configure the rulesets though. 

I typically create three rulesets. 

The first I just edit the default ruleset and this is my Desktop ruleset. 


This ruleset will have the following rules enabled. 

after x seconds rule
on exit intent rule
Specific device rule

The Mobile Ruleset will have these enabled 

after x seconds rule
any page browsing rule
device rule

*You'll notice two main differences. No Exit intent selected as you cannot detect an exit on a mobile device, and in the Device type we select "is not"  and "desktop" so this will be for all mobile devices (tablet & phone)

The final ruleset will be our MonsterLink ruleset. 

This allows you to fire your opt in message if certain links on your site are clicked.

So if in your sidebar you want to have a button that says subscribe to our newsletter, you can use this code to show your opt in form. 

monster click link

As you can see in the disclaimer text, if this rule is activated then it will override all other rules in the ruleset so we want to have this in its own ruleset. 

The code looks like this ... 

Now if you have any experience in html then you know that this is just a anchor html tag. 

So this means that you can place this link anywhere, that accepts html. So if you want to embed this on your site, on a social profile that allows html, or in an email it will work. 

The target="_blank" property tells the browser to open a new tab, so if they are on another site this will open a new browser with just the opt in form, and not an overlay is it is can be displayed on your site. 

*pro tip: When its on your website you don't have to open a new browser and can instead just fire the opt in to display. You do this by removing setting the href to href="#" and removing the target property. You can also set the anchor text to whatever you want. Opt In Monster doesn't use this for anything. 

Finally we have the analytics section. 

Opt In Monster integrates with Google Analytics which allows you to track the number of times the opt in form was displayed as well as the number of times it was submitted. Thus giving your opt in conversion rate for the people that viewed your form. 

google analytics integration

If you haven't done so already you can save your form to make sure you don't lose any of your configuration settings. 

Now click on the publish button, which will bring up the publish view. 

Once you toggle the Status from paused to live your form is ready to install. 

There are three options for getting your campaign up and running

Any Website - You are given Javascript snippet that needs to be installed on your site. 

Shareable Monsterlink: This is the link we discussed earlier

WordPress plugin: Simple plugin that you can install, add your api key, and they take care of the rest. 

publish campaign and set to live

You can find the plugin here. Once you have it downloaded and installed on your site you are going to need to add your api key. 

You can find that here ... 

my account in opt in monster

Then browse to api ... 

api management

Edit your caption text here

Then you can create a new api key, or reuse a previously created api key

Now that we have everything set up we need to test. 

Remember that opt in monster leaves a cookie when the opt in form is displayed so if you need to test multiple scenarios / rule sets you are going to want to test this using an incognito or private window. 

*pro tip : Incognito windows share cookies. So if you have multiple incognito windows open, and you shut one thinking that you are clearing your cookies you are incorrect. In order to wipe all of your session cookies you will need to close all incognito windows and then reopen one.  

And thats about it! 

Here is the actual campaign that I have running on Mrktr.io so you can see what the finished product looks like

Campaign Setup Video Walkthrough

Opt In Monster Pricing

Below is the current pricing structure. Currently we are subscribed to the Pro plan... 

*They also have an agency account that allows you to white label their portal which we may do in the future, but as of now the Pro is a good fit. 

$9/a mo

  • check
    Unlimited Optin Forms
  • check
    A/B Split Testing
  • check
    Page Level Targeting
  • check
    User-friendly Reporting
  • check
    List Element
  • check
    1 site

$19/a mo

  • check
    Unlimited Optin Forms
  • check
    A/B Split Testing
  • check
    Page Level Targeting
  • check
    User-friendly Reporting
  • check
    List Element
  • check
    3 site
  • check
    Floating Bar
  • check
    Sidebar Forms
  • check
    After Post / Inline Forms
  • check
    Content Locking

$29/a mo

  • check
    Unlimited Optin Forms
  • check
    A/B Split Testing
  • check
    Page Level Targeting
  • check
    User-friendly Reporting
  • check
    List Element
  • check
    3 site
  • check
    Floating Bar
  • check
    Sidebar Forms
  • check
    After Post / Inline Forms
  • check
    Content Locking
  • check
    Exit-Intent Technology
  • check
    List Element
  • check
    Referral Detection
  • check
    Mobile Specific Forms
  • check
    Yes / No Forms
  • check
    Slide-in Scroll Trigger Boxes
  • check
    Smart Canvas Forms
  • check
    Full Screen Takeovers
  • check
    Campaign Scheduling
  • check
    Unlimited Sites
  • check
    Priority Support
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