Mrktr.io was built to try and help those that are interested in a deeper dive into the technical side of internet marketing. We hope to provide a unique perspective on how you can leverage technology to become more efficient in your day to day, as well as identify opportunities that are born out of knowing more than your competition. 

Our primary goals are:

  • Create Tutorials and Reviews on Tools that we use on a daily basis
  • Review Training programs we use for continuing education
  • Create Tests & Case studies that can help data driven decision making
  • Who's Who 

    Here Is A Bit About Me: 

    I Grew up in Southern California where I went to Azusa Pacific University for my undergraduate education. While I was there I got a degree in Business Administration, and in my sophomore year, My dad and I purchased a small pizza place together. 

    Which we decided to call Claremont Pizza Kitchen. 

    I learned a lot during the three years that I owned it. 

    I had never worked in the food industry before. I trained for 1 week at a sister location, and then I started managing everything. 

    What an experience to be in college learning about business and then immediately after a class getting to implement the concepts and Ideas I had just learned. 

    I owned Claremont pizza kitchen for 3 years, and then we sold it. 

    I decided then I was going to get into the real estate industry since it was booming (for those of you who are doing the math this was one of the WORST times to get into the industry). 

    I'm a quick study so I quickly got my agent's license and then immediately after got my brokers license. 

    Then there was the CRASH. 

    I needed to find a way to make money so I decided to go work at my Dad's call center as a night manager so I could pay the bills. 

    My Dad had a couple of software developers on staff to build custom apps to increase the productivity of the agents, and I instantly realized that business people and developers often speak two different languages. 

    I got so frustrated with this that I decided to learn how to code myself. 

    Fast forward a year or so and I had taken over all software development for the company and was managing all of their IT infrastructure (we were about an 80 seat call center at this time). 

    Since then I have been the CTO of a couple of startups, as well as started my own software development & internet marketing company (ProdigiNET inc.). We have built enterprise level applications for companies ranging from law firms to call centers, as well as our own CMS (http://Publy.org), as well as a variety of other tools to help us with our business. 

    During my time at the Call center i realized that "Traffic is King", and decided to become an expert at internet marketing. I have spent the last few years, building out a custom content management systems, and optimizing sites to drive traffic to. We are monetizing them through lead generation as well as affiliate programs. We currently have around 300 or so sites we manage.

    This site is a great opportunity for me to get the things I've learned over the years "down on paper", and I hope that they can help lessen the learning curve for others out there who are struggling.